Switches & Cables

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117910-459-980CABLE COMP., THROTTLEx1
235130-459-941SWITCH ASSY., KILLx1
335200-459-940SWITCH ASSY., WINKERx1
435340-459-882SWITCH ASSY., FR. STOPx1
545450-459-982CABLE COMP., FR. BRAKEx1
545450-459-601CABLE COMP., FR. BRAKEx1
645454-360-010SPRING, FR. BRAKE CABLEx1
753140-459-981GRIP ASSY., THROTTLEx1
853165-GW0-000GRIP R.HANDLEx1
953166-GEE-750GRIP L HANDLEx1
1053173-329-690HOLDER, BACK MIRRORx2
1153175-121-740LEVER, R. STEERING HANDLEx1
1253181-121-732LEVER COMP., PARKING (in set)x1
1353182-121-712SPRING RETURN (in set) x1
1453183-121-740PIN, PARKING LEVER PIVOT (in set) x1
1553184-121-732BOOT, FR. STOP SWITCHx1
1788210-459-880MIRROR COMPx2
1890114-428-870BOLT, HANDLE LEVER PIVOTx1
1990321-315-670NUT FIXINGx1
2090515-GN5-910WASHER, PLAIN (4X8) (in set) x1
2190650-KV6-003BAND WIREx2
2393500-05028-0ASCREW PAN 5X28x4
2494001-06200-0SNUT HEX. 6MMx1
2594201-16120PIN, SPLIT, 1.6X12 (in set) x1
2695701-06025-00BOLT, FLANGE, 6X25x2
2790314-329-000NUT LOCKx2

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