Full Gasket Set for Honda NBC110 Super Cub Postie Bikes


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Full Gasket Set for Honda NBC110 Super Cub Postie Bikes


Kit Contains:

1x 12191-KWB-920 – Gasket – Cylinder

1x 12251-KWB-601 – Gasket – Cylinder Head

1x 12391-KWB-600 – Gasket – Head Cover

1x 18291-KVR-C00 – Gasket – Exhaust Pipe

2x 90401-KWW-C00 – Rubber Mount

1x 90475-KWB-600 – Washer 8mm

1x 91304-KPH-700 – O-Ring 29mm x 2.4mm

1x 11394-KWB-920 – Gasket – RH. Crankcase Cover

1x 11395-KWB-920 – Gasket – LH. Crankcase Cover

1x 15119-KWB-600 – Gasket – Oil Pump Body

1x 15439-KPH-901- Gasket – Oil Filter

1x 90407-KVR-C00 – Packing Drain Coc

1x 90441-KVR-C00 – Washer – Sealing 14mm

1x 90463-KRM-840 – Washer – Sealing 6.2mm 12mm x 1.2mm

1x 91303-001-010 – O-Ring 8mm

1x 91307-KRM-840 – O-Ring 18mm x 3mm

1x 91308-KVR-C00 – O-Ring 13.8mm x 2.5mm

1x 91309-GFC-771  – O Ring

1x 91312-KWW-C00 – O-Ring 30mm

Video by Spirit of art Custom Paint by Riarne filmed at Lamdda Motorcycles Workshop with assistance of Lambda Motorcycles Owner Michael

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