Rear Wheel

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106410-459-980DAMPER SET WHEELx1
206420-GBJ-J40SPOKE SET B, 10X150 (OUTSIDE)x18
306421-GBJ-J40SPOKE SET B, 10X150.5 (INSIDE)x18
406427-459-981TUBE SET x1
540543-397-890ADJUSTER, DRIVE CHAIN (in chain adjuster set)x1
641201-459-980SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN (45T)x1
742303-459-980SLEEVE RR WHEELx1
842304-459-980COLLAR, RR. WHEEL SIDEx1
942615-459-980ZAFLANGE SUB ASSY., FINAL DRIVEN *NH105* MAT BLACK (#15-#20)x1
1042620-402-000COLLAR, RR. AXLE DISTANCEx1
1142635-459-980ZAHUB SUB ASSY., RR. *NH105* MAT BLACK (#15-#20)x1
1242650-459-981ZAWHEEL SUB *NH105*x1
1342701-088-833RIM RR WHEELx1
1442711-102-764TIRE 2.75-17-4PRx1
1542713-001-000FLAP / RIM TAPE TIREx1
1790304-GE8-003NUT U FLANGE 10MMx4
1890305-GE8-003NUT U 14MMx1
1991253-443-761DUST SEAL, 30X47X8x1
1991253-443-762DUST SEAL, 30X47X8x1
2091304-704-000O RING 42M/Mx1
2194001-06200-0SNUT HEX. 6MM (in chain adjuster set) x1
2294101-06000WASHER, PLAIN, 6MM (in chain adjuster set) x1
2394111-06000WASHER, SPRING, 6MM (in chain adjuster set) x1
2496140-62020-10BEARING, RADIAL BALL, 6202U (in 3pc rear wheel bearing set)x1
2596140-63020-10BEARING, RADIAL BALL, 6302U (in 3pc rear wheel bearing set) x1
2696150-60050-10BEARING, RADIAL BALL, 6005UU (in 3pc rear wheel bearing set) x1

Rear Wheel Kit:

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