Front Forks

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1 38400-459-941 PILOT ASSY., AUDIBLE x1
2 45468-459-980 GUIDE A, BRAKE CABLE x1
2 45468-459-981 GUIDE A, BRAKE CABLE x1
3 45469-459-980L GUIDE B BRAKE CAB x1
5 51410-GCV-J01 PIPE COMP., FR. FORK x2
6 51412-GCF-671 SPRING REBOUND x2
7 51420-GCV-J01 CASE R BOTTOM x1
8 51437-GM0-003 RING PISTON x2
10 51480-459-981 FORK SUB ASSY., R. FR. x1
11 51520-GCV-J01 CASE L BOTTOM x1
12 51580-459-981 FORK SUB ASSY., L. FR. x1
13 51602-459-980ZA COVER, R. FR. FORK UPPER *R110* MONZA RED x1
13 51602-459-981ZA COVER, R. FR. FORK UPPER *R110* MONZA RED x1
14 51606-459-980ZA COVER, L. FR. FORK UPPER *R110* MONZA RED x1
14 51606-459-981ZA COVER, L. FR. FORK UPPER *R110* MONZA RED x1
15 51610-459-980 SEAT ASSY., FR. LOWER COVER x2
16 51611-GN1-762ZD BOOT, FR. FORK *NH1* BLACK x2
17 51612-KF9-900 BAND, FR. FORK BOOT x2
18 90116-383-721 BOLT, SOCKET, 8MM (SHOWA) x2
19 90123-198-003 BOLT FORK x2
20 90130-459-980 BOLT, FLANGE, 10X20 x2
21 90521-427-770 WASHER 10.3MM x2
22 90544-283-000 WASHER, SPECIAL, 8MM x2
23 90601-383-721 RING, OIL SEAL STOPPER x2
24 90756-GCV-J01 SEAL OIL x2
25 91256-166-003 O-RING 16.8X2.4 x2
26 93500-03020-0G SCREW PAN 3X20 x2
27 95701-06010-07 BOLT, FLANGE, 6X10 x1
28 93500-05010-0G SCREW PAN 5X10< < x1
29 45467-459-600 CLAMPER, RR. BRAKE CABLE x1
30 90474-704-000 AA AH WASHER, 6X17 x1
31 95701-06012-07 BOLT, FLANGE, 6X12 x1
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