CT110 Front Fork Servicing

It is very important whenever you rebuild a CT110 fork, you fully disassemble it & clean all surfaces.

A handy tip is to do it when it’s sunny, and you can leave the parts outside, so they can dry after cleaning with Kero

Please ensure that all nooks & crannies are sparkling clean blown out, so there is no hard oil that has built-up inside of the fork tubes as this will change your oil level

I will then inject 100mls into each fork leg with a syringe. I use a syringe so I know that it is the same amount in each fork leg . I then screw the caps back in, and I feel the resistance by wrapping a rag around my fist so I can push down on the fork top to feel the level of resistance to make sure I have the correct oil amount inside . If it’s too soft, I’ll add 5ml in each, recap and test again. I will then repeat the process again, if it is too soft. Until I have the perfect firmness. Not too hard, but not too soft. Just right.

That is how I get the CT 110 forks correct level. Also, make sure you use 5w oil only. Thank you Mike, Lambda .

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