Q: How can I make my Honda CT110 go faster?

Q: How can I make my Honda CT110 go faster?

A: We here at Lambda Motorcycles err on the side of caution when recommending performance items for the CT110. The CT110 is a reliable and fairly low maintenance bike which makes it very popular and well loved. Some performance items on the market take away that reliability, aren’t suitable for the CT110 in general and the parts have limited longevity.

We only retail items that enhance the CT110 and won’t negatively impact the bike in the long run or your wallet. Some of the things we recommend:

  • Only going up to the 1.00mm oversize piston, rings and cylinder. This is the safe limit set by the Japanese.
  • A pod, (the foam ones only) for increased air intake. They bi-pass the air box so air enters straight into the carbie.
  • Oversize main jet for the carbie. Standard is #72, oversize is #80 to allow more fuel intake.
  • Changing out the front sprocket to a 16t if you are traveling on flats mainly. Standard is 15 tooth

Q: How do I know what front sprocket to choose?


Performance Kit #1 – carb jet pod – for Honda CT110 Postie Bikes








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